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FINANCES CORPORATIVES I MG.EHRHART MICHAEL C Ehrhardt, Michael C. - Corporative Finances (Spanish Edition) () The Corporative Finances of Latin America (). Introduction. The corporative finance sector. How much do corporations in Latin America invest and how do they differ from those in the United States and Europe? Which countries have the most corporative finances? Which countries are most reliant on a single industry? These questions are addressed in Corporative Finances: Corporativo Financiamiento Corporativo de Latinoamérica. The Corporative Finances of Latin America (). ABSTRACT. The book addresses three questions: what constitutes corporativo finance; the relationship of corporativo finance to other forms of financing; and, how does corporativo finance vary regionally and systematically? A comprehensive database of data on corporativo finance in Latin America is presented for the first time in this book. Corporate finance in Latin America is organized regionally and in terms of different industries. Corporativo finance in these different sectors varies in a systematic manner. Corporativo finance serves as an important stabilizing force in Latin America. Its role is explained by an analysis of the relationship between the direct and indirect forms of corporate finance. The last section addresses the challenges of the corporativo finance sector in the new millennium. The book is meant to serve as a tool for policy makers, business leaders, and economists. It is the most complete and up-to-date overview of the field available in English and the first book on this topic published in Spanish. This book should be read along with and preferably used in conjunction with Corporativo Financiamiento Corporativo (Spanish Edition) [Ehrhardt, Michael C., Brigham, Eugene F.] and/or Corporativo Financiamiento Corporativo (Spanish Edition) [Ehrhardt, Michael C., Brigham, Eugene F.]. C. Michael Ehrhardt is a Professor Emeritus and current faculty member in two Executive MBA programs at the University of Tennessee. He received a B.S. in . Finanzas corporativas. Front Cover. C. Michael Ehrhardt, F. Eugene Brigham. Cengage Learning Latin America, - 650 páginas. The Corporative Finances of Latin America () by Ehrhardt, Michael C., Brigham, Eugene F., an introduction to the corporativo finance

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